Season 2022

Our Junior school took our audience on a journey full of beauty & wonder. 

We were taken through the scenes of Paris as we watched Madeline & her friends travel around the city engaging in all sorts of Antics.  Our junior Contemporary students explored the concept of time & growing up through different stages in our lives.  Our junior hip hoppers explored the idea of what our toys get up to when no one is around & our jazz & tappers took us on a mesmerising adventure through Wonderland.

A week later, our senior students impressed us with their talent, emotion & passion.

Our tappers opened up our senior performance with an amazing piece that was dedicated to our loved ones that have been lost along the way, our Hip Hopers excited us with a piece that was titled, Lazarus’ encompassing all things fun & high energy & ‘Lanier’ was performed by our contemporary dancers, this piece was inspired by the stunning works created by composer Nathan Lanier.  Our jazz students performed & payed tribute to the greatest musical of all time, the dance, the music & the love story of West Side Story.  Our senior ballet students closed our performance with a stunning depiction of a light-hearted take in village life with a comedic love triangle, titled La Fille mal gardee’.

Season 2021

2021 saw our senior students return to the Mildura Arts Centre stage after a two year absence. With all the challenges that Covid provided, we were able to present a spectacular, technology filled showcase of tap, contemporary, jazz and classical ballet. The tap production of ’Roar’ was a fast paced, adrenaline pumping performance with an industrial vibe complete with scaffolding and DJ on stage. ‘Moving Forward, Looking Back’ was a beautiful contemporary piece which explored the concept of moving forward and the different persepectives of those that leave and the ones they leave behind. Jazz was titled ‘After Dark’ and had all the feels of a city cabaret. The performance was made complete by a stunning recreation of the Russian classical ballet ‘Firebird’.
Our junior students will perform their concert at the end of Term 1, 2022 on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd April.

Season 2020

2020 was the year changed everything. For the first time in our 60 year history, we were unable to hold our annual performance.

Instead of writing the year off, we seized the moment and created an incredible showcase of short dance films titled Moving Pictures. This was our first adventure into the world of dance films, including our delightful baby ballerinas exploring their love of ballet, our passionate and determined hip hop dancers filming in the rain, and our talented and dedicated senior students, tapping their hearts out amongst the dirt in our epic Sunraysia landscape.

With only six weeks from concept to film, Moving Pictures encompassed all genres, all age groups and is a beautiful keepsake of what we were able to achieve in the face of adversity.

Season 2019

Our 60th anniversary performance. A proud celebration of a Mildura institution.
The junior performance included the visually stunning spectacle of Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty, a fun and energetic Hip Hop piece based on The Descendants and a jazz and tap showcase of the classic tale The Faraway Tree.
The senior performance included our youngest dancers with a beautiful ballet based on The Tales of Beatrix Potter. Tap was a classic showcase of Broadway with a tribute to 42nd Street. Jazz recreated the devastatingly beautiful Romeo and Juliet. And as tribute to the history of the Guild, the classical ballet Giselle was the jewel in the crown.